Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons

Manual Driving Lessons

It's the most widely used option! Manual driving lessons have many advantages:

  • ● After passing your driving test, you have the option of driving an automatic or manual car.
  • ● Driving lessons may be less expensive.
  • ● You have a better chance of developing your driving skills.
  • ● Manual cars may be cheaper to purchase.

Here at Psl Drive we offer both manual and automatic driving lessons. Scroll down to read the benefits of manual driving lessons.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Learning to drive is an exciting and challenging experience for many people, but some may find it daunting, especially if they are new to driving. Automated driving technology has been developing rapidly in recent years, and as a result, more and more people are opting for automatic driving lessons. Learning to drive in an automatic car can be convenient, especially for those who struggle with manual transmissions. Additionally, automatic cars are becoming more popular in urban areas due to the stop-and-go nature of city driving.

On this page, we'll explore the world of automatic driving lessons, from the benefits of choosing an automatic car to passing the driving test. Whether you're a seasoned driver considering a switch from manual, or a new driver just starting out, this page will provide valuable insights into automatic driving lessons.

Easier to learn for some drivers –

There are several technical aspects to driving training. So, one of your first decisions when beginning driving lessons should be to hunt for a choice that will be simpler for you to understand. Automatic driving lessons will be useful in this situation. You only need to be aware of how to accelerate and decelerate, drive ahead and backward, turn, park, and follow traffic laws. The car itself will be in charge of the rest. The clutch and gear stick are not your problems.

Reduced stress and anxiety –

Since automatic vehicles require fewer actions and processes to operate, learning to drive one can help lessen driving anxiety. Due to this, it is a popular option among students who want to learn to drive. Automatic driving lessons lessen the likelihood of stalling or rolling back, giving you the confidence to make you a better driver faster.

Convenience and comfort –

For inexperienced drivers, driving in heavy traffic is always a nightmare. It's never simple to fiddle with the clutch, the brake, or the gearbox. Our automatic driving lessons will be useful in this situation. You'll feel more at peace behind the wheel even in busy traffic because you know the vehicle will take care of everything.

Less expensive –

A novice driver can pick up driving quicker due to the simplicity and clarity of automatic driving lessons. As a result, you may require fewer lessons and spend far less money. For a manual car, you may need a lot more driving lessons.

Easier adaption to different driving conditions –

When driving a manual, you must constantly shift gears and the clutch as you increase or decrease speed. In an automatic vehicle this procedure is carried out for you giving you a greater emphasis on the road, the flow of traffic, communication with your driving instructor, and the recognition of potential dangers.

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